Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: Corralling the C Gang

cockatiel wicker nest basket

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Since time immemorial, “black ops” agents (regardless of size or species) have used two main tactical strategies to conduct missions: overt and covert.

An example of an overt strategy might be adopting a cover identity and going out to conduct field surveillance by tailing the suspects all day.

An example of a covert strategy might be to hide…strategically, of course.

Let’s say you are trying to conduct a mission to gather intel about a very small – tiny, in fact – band of deadly suspects. They call themselves the “C Gang.”

You know they are very small and very quick. So tailing them would be tiring, not to mention time-consuming.

A much better way is to simply hide and wait until they pass by. Then you can gather all the intel you want while they do all the work!

Here, of course, you need to pick the right hiding place. If you happen to have feathers and it happens to be spring, you might opt for a strategic nest.

(If you happen to have feathers and it is spring and you are single and seeking, a strategic nest also allows you to put your cutest foot forward…just in case a single and seeking ladybird happens along during your stakeout.)

cockatiel wicker nest basket
“Strategic nesting” is widely considered the best covert missions choice because it is both so cute and so comfortable.

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mama

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