Pearl the Cockatiel: No More Early Bird

sleepy cockatiel in cage

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Being covered in feathers automatically makes you very cute.

Being very cute makes you very popular.

And being very popular can mean it gets harder to carve out enough you-time.

Especially in the mornings.

And especially when your large featherless alarm clock associates having feathers with getting up early.

As if.

After all, she hasn’t shown any fondness for waking up early, so why should you?

But the moment she gets up, whatever time that may be, she then immediately goes to wake you up as well.

Because….covered in feathers. Cute. Popular. SIGH.

Since she is more of a “visual learner,” you then have to resort to the equivalent of charades to communicate your intense dislike of anything early.

Like so.

sleepy cockatiel in cage
Using clear “visual communication” is a good way to let your large featherless alarm clock know that that alarm she heard was for her, not you.

But don’t expect one visual demonstration to do it. You may need to demonstrate it again and again (and again) to get your point across.

Like so.

sleeping cockatiel in cage
If anything says “5 more minutes, Mom!” this would be it.
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