Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: A Good Reason to Stretch

cute cockatiel eats scrambled eggs

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“Stretching” is under-rated.

Sometimes it can seem like if something doesn’t just come to you effortlessly, it isn’t meant for you.

But when you are born as a small and delicious prey species, you know the predators don’t see it that way.

Anything as tasty as you is worth stretching for!

And so you also learn how to stretch.

You learn how to stretch your soft, feathery wings and fly away when a situation doesn’t feel quite right.

You learn how to stretch your creative mind when your large featherless assistant tries to enforce those tiresome household “avian safety rules” yet again.

And you learn how to stretch out your cute, curved beak when there is something scrumptious that is oh-so-close….and yet still oh-so-far-away.

cute cockatiel eats scrambled eggs
Learning how to stretch is good for every (very cute) part of you – your body, your mind, and your (adorable, round, fluffy) belly!

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mama

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