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Facebook can be a wonderful thing.

Especially when you can meet folks like Marguerite Floyd, author of “Cockatiel Lessons: how one little yellow bird changed everything.”


Marguerite is a fellow parront – a fellow writer – a fellow supporter and fan of all things parrot.

Because (in my opinion) there is far too little literature on that most excellent of topics – photogenic and feathery pet cockatiels – the moment I discovered Marguerite’s book I pounced.

It is also worth noting I wasn’t the only interested party in our household.

Hmmm. Looks kinda like me....
Whoa. Pretty!

Since I am an eager sponge to learn about all things parrot (as opposed to all things math or all things cooking) I quickly absorbed valuable lessons like the importance of watching out for “MBS” (Multiple Bird Syndrome – when you start out cohabitating with one pet parrot and end up sharing your home with 3 or 10 or 20 pet parrots) and what “scritching” is (gently petting neck feathers but in reverse – against the feather grain. Pearl loves this).

If we had more books like “Cockatiel Lessons” in the world, the planet would be a happier – and prettier – and much more feathery – place.

Thanks Marguerite for such a gem! <3

Order “Cockatiel Lessons” and Marguerite’s other books at

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