Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: Let Your Beak Shine Brightly

cockatiel waffle

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As a gourmet connoisseur with feathers, it doesn’t take long to notice different diners have different rating systems.

For example, your large featherless flock mates like to use stars.

Which is okay.

It could be worse. Like shells or something.

Feathers would be better.

But the best – by far – is to show rather than tell.

For example, why simply explain how good a dish tastes when you can demonstrate it!

Let’s say your personal Small Chef makes you a whole batch of delicious waffles. All for you….and only you.

You order one and (for once) your large featherless waitress serves it to you nicely warmed and toasted just the way you like it.


You could drop a few feathers to tip her. Or you could simply show her how much you enjoyed it by digging in and letting your beak shine speak for itself!

cockatiel waffle
“Beak shine” this bright is like giving your meal a 10-feather review!

two hearts
Pearl & his mama

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