Pearl the Cockatiel: the Potato Pouncer

cockatiel eats potatoes

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Potatoes are large.

They are round.

They favor earth tones.

Suffice it to say, a potato can be a fearsome predator.

That is, unless you know how to quickly dispatch one.

(Here, it helps to have a large featherless chef who can, ahem, pre-cut each predator down to size. Preferably bite-size.)

Even so, size isn’t everything. Especially when you have “cuteness.”

Here is what to do.

First, sneak up on the predator while they are not looking. You can easily do this since you are small and stealthy.

cockatiel eats potatoes
First, you want to sneak up on the unsuspecting potato predator.

Next – and be sure your “cuteness” setting is on “extra high” here – you simply “cuteness stun” the one you want to sample.

Then pounce on top of it and dig in!

cockatiel eats potatoes
Cuteness stunning doesn’t require brawn – in fact, the more petite you are, the better it tends to work!
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