Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: Silver Lining

cockatiel takes shower

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Into every life a little rain must fall.

This is to be expected.

What is not quite so expected, however, is when the rain falls indoors.

What is really not expected is when the indoor rain falls directly on top of you.

Let’s say you are just minding your own indoor business, secure in the knowledge that the sturdy roof located right above your adorable feathery head is doing an excellent job.

Then all of a sudden your large featherless activities coordinator (who, frankly, isn’t doing quite such an excellent job) announces a new activity called “parrot shower.”

You let her know in no uncertain terms that this activity isn’t on your preferred list.

It isn’t even on your non-preferred list.

That is how un-preferred it is.

She mutters something about a crust forming on your “special” left eyelid, which got damaged when you were nest bullied as a tiny cockatiel chick.

You try to tell her that was a long time ago – 22 years ago to be exact – and you are quite over it now. But she keeps going on and on about the alleged eyelid crust and with that, she proceeds to situate your small feathery body right beneath a real silver indoor rain cloud.

And then she gets “cuteness stunned” by the result and runs for the small rectangular flashing device to capture the cuteness.

At this point, as the enterprising CEO and visionary behind “Wet Bird Couture,” you then literally have no choice but to announce your latest must-have look – “Silver Lining.”

cockatiel takes shower
Announcing “Silver Lining” – the latest must-have look from Wet Bird Couture.

two hearts

Pearl & his mama

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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

3 thoughts on “Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: Silver Lining

  1. Oh my goodness Pearl you are absolutely so cute in your wetness sliver cloud shower. But I cannot believe that you are 22 years old wow. You certainly do not look it. Love to you, malti, Bruce and your mama.

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