Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: Strike While the Waffle Iron Is Hot

cockatiel sits on waffle

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The large featherless beings can have some very strange ideas about things.

Take the word “waffling,” for instance.

Your large featherless assistant uses this word in all kinds of odd ways.

She seems to think it means “not being able to make up your mind.”

You can tell because she frequently struggles from this very malady.

She has trouble prioritizing.

For example, perhaps your neck feathers have started to itch. You let her know (in no uncertain terms) that they need itching. ASAP.

She then attempts to do something awful called “multi-tasking,” muttering something about “earning rent money” while she absentmindedly scratches your neck feathers in exactly the one place you didn’t need her to scratch them.

The root of the problem, of course, lies with vocabulary.

When you properly understand a word’s meaning, you act accordingly.

Just the merest mention of the word “waffle” is an incentive to act. To help remember this, you can use the word in a sentence, like so:

“Strike while the (waffle) iron’s hot.”

So when you hear the word “waffle” you know not to wait. Don’t hesitate.

Jump right on board!

cockatiel sits on waffle
Striking while the (waffle) iron is hot means you get the hot waffle and not one of your (beta) flock mates!

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mama


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