Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: Use Your Noodle

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When you are born small and cute, not to mention delicious and (handily) appetizer-sized, you never view self-care as optional.

You need to be in tip-top fighting form at all times.

Getting enough beauty rest, scheduling fitness-building chewing and remodeling activities, making time each day to preen your aerodynamic feathers, eating the most nourishing snacks – this is the best way to tell all parts of yourself “I love you and I want you to stick around.”

As a side perk, if one day you are peaceably eating your (tasty, flingable) rice noodles dinner and a gang of microscopic infectious particles tries to sneak up on you, you will already be ready to “use your noodle” so to speak to send the invaders packing.

There’s nothing like a sticky, flingable rice noodle right to the head to send a whole squadron of infectious viral particles packing!

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mama

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