Pearl the Cockatiel: Work Life Balance

cockatiel stands on laptop

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Some mornings you open your (adorable, round, black) eyes and stretch your wings and look forward to a whole day of resting and relaxing.

And some mornings you wake up and there is work to be done.

Lots of work.

Luckily, being covered in feathers automatically makes you an expert on “work.”

You can work with your eyes closed. In fact you frequently do….napping is hard work!

cockatiel napping on laptop
Even if you make it look effortless, deep down inside you know it takes a lot of energy & effort to nap properly!

You can also work with your eyes open.

And in fact it is good to keep your eyes open when your large featherless assistant is helping you….on account of how she often needs so much help herself.

These high octane work days can make finding time for a restorative snack more challenging.

Which is precisely where “work life balance” comes in.

And contractually stipulated snack breaks.

cockatiel stands on laptop
A very hard worker with feathers finds time for his contractually stipulated snack break.
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