Couscous: A Love Affair That Will Last Forever

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Like all parrots, Pearl enjoys eating.

He enjoys eating edible things and also non-edible things (here, think wicker, twist-tie papers, and tonight I saw him rip off and chew the edges of a tasty paper towel.)

But there are certain dishes that are long-standing favorites. Take couscous for instance. This is a dish worth every ounce of extra attention needed for proper appreciation.

Step One: Examine the dish. Make sure the quality is up to avian standards.

Yup. Looks good from here.
Yup. Looks good from here.

Step Two: Open beak.

Beak open? Check.
Beak open? Check.

Step Three: Dig in!

Let's see how much of this I can pile on top of my beak...
Let’s see how much of this delicious dish I can pile on top of my beak…

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And we love it. And you tell us you love it. Yay!

But if you would like to “pass the waffles” (or the mealworms, or the salmon) and gift your favorite flock member with a tasty treat, our beaks are wide open and grateful! 🙂

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