Pearl the Cute Cockatiel: Lap Supervisor

cockatiel sits in woman's lap

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Supervision is an art.

Most beings think they are great supervisors.

Few beings are actually great supervisors.

One big problem here is that the best supervisors have feathers….and most supervisors can’t grow any feathers of their own.

Which handily explains the ongoing trend towards plunging employee morale.

Luckily, there is an equally handy workaround.

We call this the lap supervisor.

What you do is locate a feathered being who is willing to supervise you.

Then you can simply install your new feathery supervisor on your lap.

Productivity goes up! Morale goes up! Champagne and millet fall from the sky!

It’s a win-win for all!

(That is, if the new supervise-ee can manage not to faint from cuteness overload.)

cockatiel sits in woman's lap
Lap supervisors are petite, plump and portable – the perfect solution for today’s remote workforce – or at least the ones that can withstand this type of “extreme cuteness.”


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