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Bigger, more intelligent birds often bond with just one person in their lifetime.

Cockatiels, luckily, are pure people-lovers.

In other words, they are extroverts of the highest order. Many of my friends never even got near a bird before they met Pearl, and were surprised (most I’d say happily) at her readiness to leap onto their finger/shoulder/knee to hang out.

But cockatiels still have preferences.

For instance, as the official “birdie mommy”, I am the clear front runner to turn to for all things scary, painful, or unknown (I am also the principle food-giver, which I suppose grants me a certain cache.)

But at 6’3″, my dad (aka “The Tall Tree”) is clearly the one she prefers.

He also helped me select her at the pet store, which I dare say Pearl has never forgotten (my mom wanted me to get one of the older, stronger looking cockatiels, but Dad and I cast clear votes for the under-bird).

When I was living abroad and they kept Pearl, Dad also let her sit on his knee every morning and chew library book pages, and then again every night to watch television.

She has never forgotten this either. Obviously.

Getting ready to chew up some tasty newspaper.

Within moments of arriving at my folks’ house for a visit, this is what any visitor can reasonably expect to see:

Pearl and the Tall Tree


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