Day 10: Ladders

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Pearl, like all parrots, has a love affair with going up.

And down.

And up.

And down.

Since he has a permanent left wing injury from when his siblings bullied him as a chick, as an adult he has learned to rely on his Mommy for (frequent) relocation services.

Luckily, Pearl’s Granddad has mad engineering skills. This has resulted in a system of ladders to help Pearl relocate himself unaided while Mom is attempting to write and earn rent money.

For obvious reasons, it didn’t take Pearl long to get the hang of his new system. The system basically consists of a series of interlocking ladders. The ladders take him up…..and down…..and up…..and down… often and as quickly as he chooses.

Someone very proud and very pretty on his way UP. Again.
Someone very proud and very pretty on his way UP. Again.

Watch & Listen: Pearl & his mommy read from “Love & Feathers”

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Published by Shannon Cutts

Cockatiel, redfoot tortoise and box turtle mama. Author, writer, pet & people blogger.

4 thoughts on “Day 10: Ladders

    1. Thanks! That was my contribution to our little project, actually! 🙂 A fellow parront shared that twist-ties often contain lead and can be deadly to birds, so I looked around for something relatively indestructible and plastic and …. voila! 😉 Love your blog btw – we can all use more comfort and compassion in our lives. Thanks for reading! 🙂

      1. I love your blog. I have three rescue parrots, and my don has a cockatiel, so I enjoy seeing how other people interact with their companion parrots. And I ‘ll probably try using hair clasps in the future. Thanks !

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