Day 102: Waffles in Disguise

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Family brunch is a long-standing tradition in our household.

Part of the tradition is that the family member who has the most feathers gets to choose the menu.

Unless the Small Tree invokes “Chef’s Prerogative,” which sometimes results in blueberry pancakes.

These, of course, are clearly just waffles in disguise (anyone with enough feathers can easily figure this out).

The Small Tree. Pearl. Blueberry pancake.
The Small Tree watches as the family member with the most feathers samples her new dish, “waffles in disguise.”
The Tall Tree. Pearl. Blueberry pancake.
The Tall Tree and his grandbird, both happily ingesting the new dish, “waffles in disguise.”

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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