Day 104: The Best Vintage

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Each day all over the world, new products are unveiled – all of which could benefit from the assistance of a spokesbird who is small, extremely cute, very social, and (of course) feathery.

But time is money, and you can’t represent them all.

And being choosy is the best way to ensure future products will be developed to your specifications (since everyone wants to retain the best spokesbird to sell their new products!)

Whoa. Who put this here?
Whoa. Who put this here?
Was it you, Mom?
Mom, was it you?
And they don't have a spokesbird yet?
And they don’t have a spokesbird yet?
Well I do think this is a vintage I could really get behind!
Well I do think this is a vintage I could really get behind!
But to best sell the product, I would recommend the spokesbird be placed "front and center" in all the promo materials.
For the best sales, I recommend making sure the spokesbird is very visible in all the ads – like so. This way everyone will want to buy a bottle!

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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Published by Shannon Cutts

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