Day 106: Cockatiel Explains Flock Dining Protocol

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When you are dining with your flock, it is important to make sure everyone in the flock knows and follows the proper dining protocol.

The “alpha” flock member always gets to dine first. Always. No exceptions. Ever.

If you are unsure which flock member is the alpha, just look for the member with the most feathers. This is the alpha.

“Beta” flock members – always wait until the alpha flock member is finished dining and is completely full before moving in for your turn.

You will know the alpha is completely full when he exits the dish, wipes his beak on his large featherless assistant and commences to beak grinding and napping.

Here, you can see that the “alpha” flock member (the one with the most feathers) is still dining heartily.

This short, instructive video offers a more immersive guide for how to determine which flock member is the “alpha” using careful observation skills.

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