Day 112: Parrot Builds Nest for Ladybirds Only

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Discovering a new nesting site with great potential is so exciting!

You can already visualize your feathery other half moving in, settling down, popping out a few eggs and raising chicks that look exactly like you!

But while you are working away to get your new nest ready, you also have to keep your eyes peeled for poachers.

While it is fine to post a sign that reads “Ladybirds only – all others keep out!,” you can’t necessarily rely on the large featherless beings in particular to grasp that this means them too.

So the hands-down best communication method to use with the featherless beings is typically “visual” communication. A show of “fierceness” and “ferociousness” can usually repel even the most persistent featherless poachers and send them packing.

This is a perfect “visual” example of what NOT to do to repel poachers. Exuding “extreme cuteness” will only make them come closer.

Instead, learn how to display “fierceness” and “ferociousness” to repel the featherless poachers (pay careful attention to the end of the video demo to learn how)!

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