Day 115: Cockatiel Trains Large Featherless Waitress

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Training a large featherless waitress can feel like a long (oh so long) and uphill road.

You may have to send your order back once, more than once or many times before she finally gets it right.

But when she does at last master a lesson, you want to be sure to let her know right away by jumping on the dish and dining heartily.

Be sure to stop a few times while dining to display “extreme cuteness” – this is called “positive reinforcement” and will ensure she has better recall when making the dish next time you order it.

A petite and patient feathered trainer stops and displays “extreme cuteness” to give his large featherless waitress some motivational “positive reinforcement.”

Here is a short video demo of how to jump on the dish and dig in right away so your waitress knows she finally got your order just right and can remember what she did for next time.

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Published by Shannon Cutts

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