Day 121: Making Friends with the “Betas”

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Being the “alpha” member of any flock isn’t so easy as it might first appear.

For instance, you have to do all the publicity for your flock (on account of how the other members can’t be trusted to do it right).

You also have to tolerate, accept, befriend the flock “betas.”

Since the betas are neither as cute nor as pretty as you, it is especially important to be gracious (and try not to act visibly bored) during meet-and-greet sessions.

Sessions that don’t go so well may need to be repeated.

The most problematic issues arise when a beta begins competing with you for prime delicacies from the Small Chef Bakery.

Here, it is critical to find a diplomatic way – such as an impromptu inspired photo shoot “with prop” – to remind the flock betas of their proper place.

Ok, Mom - I'm ready when you are!
Ok, Mom – I’m ready when you are!
First, let's do a "cute" shot (to soften the beta up a bit).
First, let’s do a “cute” shot (to soften the betas up a bit).
Now I'll do one with a more "stern" look (to prompt reminds of proper flock pecking order).
Now I’ll do one with a more “stern” look (to prompt reminders of proper flock pecking order).
Now I'll do one featuring "preening" (a show of flock dominance).
Now I’ll do one featuring “preening” (a show of flock dominance).
Let's do another one featuring "preening."
Let’s do another one featuring “preening.”
And just one more (for good measure).
And just one more (for good measure)….
"Subtle like a sledgehammer?" That's perfect, Mom - exactly what I was going for here!
“Subtle like a sledgehammer?” That’s perfect, Mom – we hit the nail on the (er) head with this one!

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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