Day 125: Pantry Reconnaissance

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“Reconnaissance” has two main purposes: to hunt the enemy and to scope out prize delicacies.

The most dangerous missions are where the enemy you are hunting is scoping out the same prized delicacies you have your eye on.

Here, being very cute is an undeniable asset, since the enemy will be so busy staring adoringly they won’t even notice you’ve scoped and nabbed all the delicacies right out from under them!

I can feel the enemy close by, but they'll never suspect me because I'm so cute.
I can feel the enemy close by, but they’ll never suspect me because I’m so cute.
I'll just start scoping (while looking very cute).
I’ll just start scoping (while also looking very cute).
This looks quite promising - yes, I'm sure I've seen Grandma put this into my waffles.
This looks quite promising – yes, I’m sure I’ve seen Grandma put this into my waffles.
Has a delicate "woody" flavor I like - but I don't think this is what we're scoping for on this mission.
This item has a delicate “woodsy” flavor I like – but I’ve never seen Grandma use it for waffles.
Yes, these other crinkly items show more promise.
Yes, I’m quite sure we need this, this, and that to make waffles with.
Okay, let's start scoping this area.
And some of these items over here, too, I think.
The poor enemy - they are looking in the completely wrong place!
The poor enemy – they look so lovestruck!
Aha! I have seen Grandma make my waffles with this stuff too!
I hope they don’t pass out from “cuteness overload” – maybe I’d better dial it back a bit.
Yes, Mom, we need to take the items right here under my beak. Oh, and I'm hungry for waffles.
Yes, Mom, we need to take all these items here. And can you check on the enemy – I think they just passed out. Oh, and please tell Grandma I’m ready for my waffle brunch now.

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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