Day 127: Cockatiel Discovers Unattended Apple

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The large featherless beings may be, well, large, but they tend to be rather slow on the uptake.

For example, let’s say your large featherless waitress begins snacking on a desirable item. But then she gets distracted (as usual) and leaves her snack totally unattended.

The smell then wafts over in the direction of the feathered flock member, aka the “alpha,” whose keen olfactory senses send up an instant alert.

The “alpha” flock member with feathers uses his keen olfactory sense to sleuth out the unattended snack.

The alpha heads right on over and begins to dine heartily.

The “alpha” flock member begins to dine heartily.

This is the point when the large featherless flock member will typically return and express surprise – perhaps even shock – at the takeover.

Here, it does no good to invoke the law of “finder’s keepers” or even the flock relations rule “what’s yours is mine.”

The only thing that will soothe ruffled (um) feathers at this point is….of course….cuteness!

An adorable “alpha” flock member employs “cuteness” to send his large featherless waitress rushing off to find the small rectangular flashing device, forgetting all about the snack’s transfer of ownership in the process!
Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon
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