Day 13: Proactive Nesting

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This past Easter, I gave Pearl’s grandparents (aka the “Tall Tree” and the “Small Tree,” aka my mom and dad) a soft pink felt Easter basket.

Once a certain feathery someone discovered it, ownership was quickly transferred under the longstanding rule of “What’s Yours is Mine.”

Since then, he has been nesting daily (see Day Seven), awaiting a suitable candidate.

Parrots, of course, are proactive – impatient – by nature.

Recently, when results did not arrive quickly enough for his liking, the search was escalated to the next level.

Once the ladybirds see how soft the nest material is, they'll rush right over.
Once the ladybirds see how soft the nest material is, they’ll rush right in.
Not to mention how talented and photogenic the nest owner happens to be....
Wouldn’t hurt to give them a preview of how photogenic and feathery the nest owner is too….

Watch & Listen: Pearl & his mommy read from “Love & Feathers”

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