Day 13: Turtle Sensitivity Training

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A few months ago, our little flock of two expanded.

The third flock member is neither featherless nor feathered.

Malti ("small fragrant jasmine flower") rests in Mommy's palm.
Malti, a small shelled being and the newest flock member here at Casa Feathers n’ Beak, rests in Mommy’s palm.

Reactions to the new addition have been mixed.

The flock member with no feathers is overjoyed.

The flock member with feathers is……not.

So recently, as part of a flock-wide socialization project, we began “turtle sensitivity training.”

ANOTHER one? Mom, seriously? This one doesn't have any feathers either!
ANOTHER one? Mom, seriously? And this one doesn’t have any feathers either!
I don't see a single feather anywhere!
I don’t see a single feather anywhere!
Not a one. Although I don't mind the coloration - the extremities are a particularly delicate shade of "houseplant green."
Although I don’t mind the coloration so much on this one – the extremities appear to feature a particularly delicate shade of “houseplant green.”
If this top part could be changed to green too, it would look better.
If this top part could be changed to green too, it would look better.
There are so many beings with feathers right out there - why couldn't you have chosen one of them if you must expand our flock?
Poor thing. I guess I could give it some of my old feathers.
At least it is soft under my sensitive pink feet....that counts for something.
And at least it is soft under my sensitive pink feet….that counts for something.

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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