Day 130: Cockatiel Knows It’s In the Bowl

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Despite the high prevalence of large featherless waitresses in the food service industry today, they can be remarkably tough to train.

For starters, getting distracted by “cuteness” is a known hazard of the species.

Also, featherless beings tend to get overly hampered by their own outmoded customs when it comes to fine dining. For instance, there is their odd obsession with dressing up like big black and white birds, hiding the delicacies under odd curved reflective domes, deciding on portion sizes in advance….that sort of thing.

All of this can seriously get in the way of simple gustatory enjoyment. In other words, sometimes everything just tastes better when you jump right in!

But teaching this lesson can be a challenge in its own right.

Since featherless waitstaff trainees tend to fare better (“excel” might be too strong a word) with visual learning techniques, one excellent teaching tool for particularly backwards pupils is to do a kind of tableside visual “show and tell.”

This way, you can just demonstrate what you want your waitress to learn and then she can lock it in her memory banks. You hope.

An expert food service trainer (with feathers) first checks to make sure his remedial waitressing student is paying attention.
Next, he demonstrates the much more modern and tasty new trend of “jumping right in” to enjoy your breakfast.

Since your large featherless student will likely need several sessions to reinforce the lesson, it can also be helpful to make a video she can watch again (and again and again):

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