Day 139: Happy Birthday to Pearl’s Grandma!

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Beings with feathers are so special. Not only are they very pretty and oh-so-cute, but they bring constant joy and love into your life.

But what is really special is feathered beings and their Grandmas.

There is literally nothing more heart-warming than the sight of an adorable feathery grand bird whipping up delicious delicacies alongside his personal Small Chef, aka his Grandma.

They may be two different species on the outside, but on the inside they are clearly kindred spirits….so much so that they even joined forces to create a tasty recipe book together!

A doting Grandma and her grand bird taste-tasting a delicious delicacy from their new powerhouse recipe book, “Waffles & More,” which is packed with tasty treats for featherless and feathered beings alike!

Happiest special day Small Chef – we love you so much!




Flash Gordon

The Tall Tree

The large featherless assistant

P.S. Make a bird’s day (and bring a smile to his Grandma’s face) when you order their new recipe book, “Waffles & More!” 

Watch & Listen: Pearl & his mommy read from “Love & Feathers”

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