Day 144: Poaching

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There is little in life so tasty or satisfying as someone else’s lunch.

Even if you are given your own specific portion of whatever is being served, the universal “law of lunching” says it will still taste better out of someone else’s bowl.

However, if the bowl’s (former) owner is not amenable to this, you might have to just poach your portion from their bowl.

Experienced poachers get extra points if they can pull this off in plain sight….and without leaving evidence behind.

Boy does this look scrumptious - I'll just dig right in!
Boy does this look scrumptious – a piece of cake for an experienced poacher like me!
This looks like a juicy morsel to start off my lunch.
“Strong and confident,” that’s my poaching motto.
The large featherless diner is looking my way. I'll let her know she needs to choose another lunch bowl.
The large featherless being who used to own this bowl is staring at me. She seems confused – I’ll just send a clear message that this bowl is now mine.
This is what is known as “evidence” (if you are still new to poaching, you want to avoid this!)

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