Day 148: Tactics to Avoid a Traffic Ticket

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If your large featherless caretaker gets a traffic ticket, she usually just leaks water from her eyes to try to get it to go away.

Not surprisingly, this rarely works.

In this tutorial, hopefully she can learn some better ways to avoid paying out funds she could be using for treats and toys for you instead!

Tactic 1: “Who Me?”

In this tactic, you both distract the officer with cuteness, and use clear body language to prove you have been wrongly accused.

Demonstrating the tactic of "Who Me?"
Demonstrating the tactic of “Who Me?”

Tactic 2: “Glaring”

If “Who Me?” doesn’t work, you can progress on to “glaring.” With this technique, you scare the ticket so much it quickly scampers off, afraid for its life.

Demonstrating "glaring."
Demonstrating “glaring.”

Tactic 3: “Cuteness”

Perhaps the most effective of any in your vast arsenal of tactics, “cuteness” distracts the officer so much they forget they ever had any thought of tickets, fines, or court dates.

Demonstrating the powerful technique of "cuteness."
Demonstrating the powerful technique of “cuteness.”

Tactic 4: “What Ticket?”

Finally, if none of these three time-honored tactics does the trick, you can always simply pretend there is no ticket. This Zen-rich technique is so powerful that, if you do it right, the ticket can literally disappear!

Demonstrating "what ticket?"
Demonstrating “what ticket?”

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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Published by Shannon Cutts

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