Day 151: Cockatiel Visualizes for Success

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Great teachers from all walks of life (not to mention all species) recommend the powerful practice of visualization to get what you want.

While it sounds easy, the actual visualization process can take some work!

For example, you want to “set the stage” (a technical term) for your dreams to come true.

Here, it is important to include elements of what you are visualizing – say, for example, a feathery love nest for two.

A master visualizer “sets the stage” for his (nesting) dreams to come true.

Then you want to ensure you have all the right “props” in place so when your dream does find you, it will want to stick around!

By adding a soft cozy seat that is just big enough for two (love birds), the expert visualizer ensures all the right props are in place for when his dream arrives.
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