Day 152: Waffle Guard

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Hiring a large featherless assistant has its pros and its cons.

On the “pros” side, the featherless ones make natural “beta” flock members, are easily trainable, and have plenty of the crispy green paper needed to acquire more birdseed, bird toys, and waffle ingredients.

On the “cons” side, sometimes they like the same delicacies you do.

Nom nom nom. This waffle is so delicious.
Nom nom nom. This waffle is so crispy and tasty.
Hi Mom.
Hi Mom.
Nom nom where was I....oh yes, so delicious and delectable.
Nom nom nom….now where was I….oh yes, so delicious and delectable.
Mom? Remember the talk we had about personal space?
Um, Mom? I’m kinda in the middle of lunch here. Can it wait?
Apparently not.
I think she is actually trying to poach my waffle! Time for my failsafe “Waffle Guard” maneuver.
First I will stand on the waffle and grip it with my powerful talons.
I'll add one of my classic glares for good measure.
Next I will throw in one of my “classic glares” – terrifying to behold.
She's still here - time to bare my beak.
Yup. That did it. Worst. Poacher. Ever.

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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