Day 154: Cockatiel Makes the Hop

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There is a definite art to plate surfing. Even the most skilled plate surfers occasionally fumble it.

No matter how susceptible your fellow (large, featherless) diners may be to “cuteness,” you still have to time it just right to nab the delicacy you have your eye on while keeping its owner successfully distracted.

Notice how the expert plate surfer strategically raises one adorable feathery wing to distract the pancake’s owner with “cuteness.”

In other words, anything other than a flawless execution may land you back with your large featherless assistant instead of on top of your Grandpa’s tasty pancake!

But then – he fumbles it by staring straight at the pancake in question before making his hop!

Here is a short tutorial on what not to do for the benefit of beginning level plate surfers:

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