Day 181: A New Spin on “Waffling”

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The word “waffling” often gets a bad rap.

In the U.S., one “waffles” when they have trouble making up their mind.

In political circles in particular, a politician is said to “waffle” when their take on important issues flip-flops in sync with their popularity ratings.

Outside the U.S., “waffling” refers to using language without meaning – i.e., “blathering, babbling, droning on.”

But here at Casa Feathers n Beak, there is nothing indecisive about the act of “waffling.”

Wow! Where did this come from!
Wow! Where did this come from!
It appears to be.....a totally unattended....WAFFLE.
It appears to be…..a totally unattended….WAFFLE.
Time for some waffling!!
Nom CHOMP nom CHOMP nom nom nom...
Nom CHOMP nom CHOMP nom nom nom…
I wouldn't want to be the indecisive diner who left this morsel undefended.....probably a politician too.
It’s no wonder my legions of VIP fans think I should run for office….

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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