Day 181: Cockatiel Finds Very Stealthy Safe House

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As every top secret “black ops” agent learns in training, it is so vital to have a secure space to retreat to if things get too “hot” out in the field.

This secure space is traditionally called a “safe house” in secret agent lingo.

While most black ops agents opt for a traditional house for their safe house, this presents some rather noticeable safety issues.

For starters, it is kind of a giveaway if your safe house looks like a, well, house.

The safest safe house won’t look like a house at all so the bad guys will never know you’re in there!

From there, you can hide out until they pass by and then run out and pounce on them (adding yet another weighty medal of valor to your already weighty medals of valor collection).

A very stealthy top secret “black ops” agent with feathers checks the lay of the land from his non-house safe house.
He scopes out the near territory while under cover of his very secure and surreptitious not-house safe house.
Even while monitoring the perimeter, the super-secret agent always remains at the ready to retreat inside at a moment’s notice, leaving only a not-house that looks completely unoccupied!
By focusing the power of “extreme cuteness,” even if he is spotted, he can stun his quarry and make them forget everything they saw!
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