Day 191: Dandelion Greens!

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When Easter comes around, sometimes grandparents enjoy giving their grand(bird)kids gifts.

Picking out the perfect gift isn’t an exact science, but knowing things like the recipient’s favorite colors and hobbies can help.

Say, for instance, that your grand(bird)kid loves green and his favorite hobby is shredding.

So a great present might be his very own fresh bouquet of ….. dandelion greens!

Wow! Grandma, Grandpa, really? This tall houseplant is all MINE?
Wow! Grandma, Grandpa, really? This tall shreddable houseplant is all MINE?
So delicious! And oh-so shreddable!
VERY delicious.
This houseplant isn’t even putting up a fight – it knows when it’s met its match!

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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