Day 193: Cockatiel Builds a Bigger Flock

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As everyone knows, the bigger your flock, the more powerful you are as flock “alpha.”

As a young cockatiel, you might start out with just one or two flock members.

In time, as word gets out that there is a very cute feathered being in the neighborhood, this may expand into a few more flock members – maybe 5 or 6.

And then the complaints often start to roll in. More beings who love feathers want to join the flock but there is no way for them to do so because they live so far away.

Here, what you need is something called a “blog.”

Not quite a transporter (the logical pointy-eared featherless beings have the market cornered on those), yet it can still have the effect of making distant flock members feel closer to you.

Once your blog gets activated, you can tell when new flock members have joined up because they will do things like “follow” your blog, “like” your posts, share them with other potential flock members and – most of all – send you fan mail and gifts.

Usually these will be addressed to your large featherless family members, but everyone knows who the gifts are really for….the flock “alpha,” of course.

The flock “alpha” with a special gift from one of his treasured extended flock members that was sent to him care of his large featherless grandparents.
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2 thoughts on “Day 193: Cockatiel Builds a Bigger Flock

  1. How wonderful is that sweet and caring gesture. He’s surely a very spoiled and loved flock member. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’•

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