Day 196: Cockatiel Knows Location Is Everything

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These days, it is not enough to be a very manly and masculine cockatiel manbird when you are looking for love.

The ladybirds are very picky – they want love and all the trimmings, too.

And what is the first thing a ladybird looks for when she is oh-so-choosily choosing her nest mate?

Nesting location, of course.

It must be posh and cozy. It must be safe and secure. It must be well-camouflaged. It must be near all the right training facilities for foraging and flying.

Ideally, a savvy manbird would pick a nesting location that is high up in the branches of a leafy green being – this is the best type of nest to lure even the pickiest ladybirds to say “yes.”

Second choice might be the branches of his large featherless Tall Tree, although here, most ladybirds prefer their tree to stay still and not keep walking around all the time.

Here, the Tree is quite Tall, very sturdy, clearly has the right ambience – but it simply moves around too much to accommodate a roosting ladybird and her nest full of eggs.

Lacking either of these options, it is clearly time to get creative. Luckily, “creative” is the manliest of manbird specialities.

If you can’t locate your nest IN a tree, NEAR a tree is the next best bet.
Nest security clearly won’t be an issue – just look at that fierce glare and bared beak!
Posh, comfy and cozy – coming right up (all served up with a splash of “cuteness” for emphasis).
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