Day 205: Cockatiel Declares Comfort Is King

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If you want to know who rules the roost in any given flock, just look for the most comfortable being.

Of course, different species may define “comfort” slightly differently.

In flocks of large featherless beings, the most comfortable being is probably going to be found seated, with one large rectangular device in front of them and several smaller rectangular devices next to them.

In interspecies flocks, the most comfortable being is likely to have feathers and be found sitting near to or right on top of a large featherless flock mate.

And in feathered flocks, the most comfortable being is the cockatiel who is situated in the center of the nest, surrounded by the coziest, poshest nesting materials.

Like so.

How do you spell comfort? N.E.S.T.

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5 thoughts on “Day 205: Cockatiel Declares Comfort Is King

    1. I have that thought often as well….I’ve tried taking all nest-like things away but then he just burrows into my robe or tries to chew a hole in the wall….at 20 years old, he is very determined and at least this won’t harm him.

    2. You are our August book winner! I have sent you an email to get your mailing info. Congrats from our flock to yours <3

    1. He IS! (Sure wish I could figure out his secret:) So happy you are in our extended flock! 😊

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