Day 208: Cockatiel Tackles Molt-i-tasking

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If there is one thing you have to get used to right away when you live with an interspecies flock, it is that no one else in the flock will be good at something called “multi-tasking.”

And we do mean no one.

Take your large featherless assistant, for example. Let’s say you have given her two assignments: deliver your breakfast and clean your casa. She is eager to start on both (as always).

But then the small rectangular flashing device she uses to capture your many fetching photographs begins to emit some very un-tuneful sounds. This distracts her. Before you know it, it is all you can do to keep from shrieking to redirect her back to the tasks at hand.

Your shell-less flock mates are even worse.

Not only can they only focus on one thing at a time, but their pace….there truly are no words. (Your feathers would be turning grey for a whole other reason if you ever had to wait on them before you could proceed to a new task!)

And then there is you, the sole cockatiel of the flock, which automatically also makes you the flock-wide expert multi-tasker…er, molt-i-tasker, because your life can’t just stop when the feathers begin falling.

While it may be tempting to stop and admire the beauty and grace of your own falling feathers, expert molt-i-taskers have the training and skills to keep themselves on task no matter what.

So….falling feathers. Check.

Just add it to the list…and yet you will likely still finish with all of your daily preening and showering and nesting and eating and flinging and pooping and molting and singing and napping – so much to do each and every day – before your flock mates have even finished their breakfasts!

Finished with the day’s to-do list, the flock’s resident molt-i-tasker enjoys restful nap while waiting (and waiting and waiting) for his flock mates to catch up.
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Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

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