Day 214: Cockatiel Perches in Perfect Form

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There is nothing like cohabitating with an interspecies flock to make you really appreciate your own anatomy.

Let’s say that one of the beings in your flock has one set of short legs and one set of long legs – but no feathers at all. This basically means she has no balance. No poise. Poor thing. You’ve seen rocks move with more grace.

Two of the beings in your flock are all feet – literally. And speaking of rocks, each of them appears to have one attached to their back. Talk about unlucky.

And then there’s you. You clearly won the genetic lottery. To start with, you have two perfectly functional, athletic, multi-purpose (not to mention adorably precious) pink cockatiel feet that permit you to perch anywhere….perfectly.

If that wasn’t already enough, you also have the most gorgeous grey and white feathery wings. Put it all together and you exhibit the optimal blend of grace, style, balance, form – you are the perching Picasso, the resting Renoir, the masterful Monet!

One “perching Picasso” coming right up!
Cockatiel Perch Left
Another look at the “resting Renoir” from one of his (many) best sides.
The “masterful Monet” shows off his perching stuff from (yet another) best side.
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