Day 217: A Cockatiel and His Wonderful Wicker

Cockatiel Wicker Toy 3

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Every being has their own favorite hobbies.

Your small shelled brother, Bruce, likes swimming in his pool, hunting slimy wriggling things and burrowing in hay. Whatever works.

Your less-small shelled sister, Malti, likes uprooting green beings, digging in dirt and eating yucky things she finds on the lawn. No accounting for taste.

Your large featherless assistant, it would seem, regards YOU as her primary hobby. For once, the retraining process seems to be going well.

Which means all the best hobbies are reserved for you – like chewing wicker. Wicker is the best hobby.

For starters, it is easy to renovate and customize so you can get it just to your liking.

Cockatiel Wicker Toy
Just a few chomps and you can have your wicker looking instantly better!

It showers down in a fine fashion to repopulate the forest floor (and give your assistant some much-needed exercise). It is attractive, easy on the beak, and makes a satisfying crunch as you work with it.

Cockatiel Wicker Toy 2
When flinging (a technical term) it, wicker showers neatly and evenly down to the forest floor.

And you look very cute posing next to it since the neutral color palette naturally complements your classic grey and white coloration.

Cockatiel Wicker Toy 3
Talk about a perfect neutral backdrop for showing off grey and white “cuteness!”
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