Day 219: Terrapin!

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Occasionally your large featherless assistant might take it into her (clearly empty) head to add to your little family.

When this occurs, an adjustment period is sure to follow.

Although the adjustment period often becomes slightly easier once you confirm the new family member is much less pretty than you are.

If the new family member has no feathers at all, you might even consider extending your own brand of welcome…..out of pure sympathy, of course.

I really wish Mom had consulted with me first. Poor thing doesn't even have any feathers!
I really wish Mom had consulted with me first. Poor little thing doesn’t even have any feathers!
Well, shoot, Mom - too late to return it, I suppose?
Well, shoot, Mom – too late to return it, I suppose?

Love & Feathers is proud to welcome home Malti, a baby red-foot tortoise!

She is so little she still has her egg tooth (you can see it right on the tip of her “beak.”)

p.s. In breaking style news, Pearl has decided he can get behind the “egg tooth” as a fashion accessory – after all, everyone knows the best kinds of beings hatch from EGGS.

Malti means "small fragrant Jasmine flower." Which of course means we are very hopeful the breeder was right when he said she is a girl (Pearl is especially hopeful.)
“Malti” means “small fragrant Jasmine flower” (this, of course, means we are really hoping – for the second time now – that the breeder was right when he guessed she is a girl!)

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts
Special Guest: Malti Cutts

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