Day 22: Mentoring

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Parrots make great mentors.

They have fabulous – perfect, really – self-esteem.

They see prettiness everywhere.

They also always assume their parronts and everyone else are as delighted to see them as they are to see themselves.

For this and many other reasons, choosing a parrot as your main, er, wing man (or wing woman) is just the smart choice.

No more hefty therapist’s fees. No more lost productivity fighting traffic. No more wondering if you’ll forget the lessons in between sessions.

Now your sessions last 24 hours a day, seven days a week (you are expected to keep practicing the lessons even if your mentor takes a break to preen, eat, nap, or remodel your wicker couch).

Best of all, you have an ever-present feathery role model demonstrating how good it feels to like – love – admire – adore – everything about yourself.

A small feathered therapist delivers a timely public service announcement.
A small feathered mentor delivers a timely self-esteem building lesson.

Watch & Listen: Pearl & his mommy read from “Love & Feathers”

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