Day 226: An Edible Garden

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Everyone knows nature is quite soothing.

For this reason, less advanced (featherless) beings often like to sit and stare at green growing things to feel more peace.

But when you have feathers, you know the most peace and calm comes when you directly ingest nature.

This way you can carry the garden with you wherever you go – and even generously share it with others (albeit in a slightly modified form).

Oh, look! Nature!
Oh, look! Mom found some more fresh green nature!
This nature looks particularly fresh and delicious.
This nature looks particularly tender and delicious.
I'll try one more time to instruct my large featherless assistant on how to truly enjoy a green garden.
Thanks for thinking of me, Mom – don’t mind if I do!
Now, watch closely, Mom - I'm going to demonstrate step-by-step.
Wow, I’m already feeling more calm and peaceful.
See how soothing this is? I am feeling more calm and peaceful already!
I’ll just ingest a bit more now – that way I can put it in my “reserves” to share with Mom later when she gets stressed out.

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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