Day 226: The Bagel Sessions

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Often famous musicians like to hold what they call “sessions.”

In these gatherings, attendees might discuss music, compose music, play music, listen to music, or all of the above.

In the same way, famous gourmands sometimes like to hold culinary sessions.

Attended only by fellow gourmands (along with the occasional token large featherless photography assistant), sessions may focus on a series of dishes, or even on a single particularly compelling dish.

The world-famous gourmand (with feathers) arrives a few minutes early to prepare for the "Bagel Sessions."
Oh hi Mom. Glad to see you made it on time (for once). Yes, and be sure all your photos feature me and our bagel guest.
What's that? You'd like to be centered in every photo? Well, we'll see what we can (not) do....
What’s that? You’d like to be introduced as “Mr. World’s Most Scrumptious Bagel?” Well, we’ll see what we can do….
So tell me more about this white stuff on top of you.
Meanwhile, why don’t you tell today’s studio audience more about this white stuff on top of you.
"Cream cheese?" It's a traditional topping? We'll see about that....
“Cream cheese?” It’s a traditional topping? I see….
Nope - I definitely think you taste better when you keep it simple.
Might I ask who told you it was “traditional?” Did they also say it was tasty?
Nom nom nom CRUNCH nom....yup, simple is your ticket, Mr. Bagel.
Hmmmm. Nom nom nom CRUNCH nom….yes, I would be more careful in the future about where you get your culinary advice from.
Who added that white stuff to you anyway? Oh, well, that figures. For future Sessions, be sure to ask me directly about props rather than going to my large featherless assistant.
And for future Sessions, be sure to steer clear of my large featherless assistant. She has some very odd ideas indeed about what is tasty and what is not…

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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