Day 239: The Egg & I

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For the bravest explorers – those who choose to live amidst a mysterious and largely unexplored (featherless) species – the learning never stops.

For instance, after the nightly flock-wide dinners are over, it has been observed that these beings often spend their evenings watching other featherless beings moving around on a very large rectangular flashing device.

Inside the device, the featherless beings mostly interact in duos – although the duo they end up in isn’t always the duo they start out in!

And while this discovery is intriguing in its own right, it can also serve as a very effective strategy when planning modeling sessions.

Oh, hello! Are you today's
Oh, hello! Are you today’s “& I?”
Well you're not very tall, but you are very round and you smell good....very good, in fact.
Well you’re not very tall, but you are very round and you smell good….very good, in fact.
Mind if I....?
Mind if I….?
What do you mean,
What do you mean, “Don’t eat the prop?!”
He says he is my
But I’m very hungry and he smells good.
Plus the more action we have, the more the fans will like it!
Plus he said it is okay to take a sample.
I have
I have “prop” on my beak?
Gripping! The fans are going to love it!
Gripping! The fans are going to love it!

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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