Day 240: Happy Birthday, Tall Tree!

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One of the perks of being the cutest flock member is you’re everyone’s favorite party guest.

No matter whose birthday it actually is or who is planning the festivities, your name is first on the guest list and the hostess won’t rest until you send in your RSVP.

Pearl Grandma Grandpa
When you are small and cute and covered in feathers, you know the party doesn’t start until you arrive!

Often, the event planners will even craft the menu, the itinerary and the entertainment specifically to entice you to attend.

Pearl Grandma
The event planner (who also happens to be your personal Small Chef) consults you on every detail of the menu.

This not only ensures a good time for you, but also a good time for all!

And if the guest of honor just happens to be your personal (and most favorite and tallest) Tall Tree, you are also guaranteed to get prime roosting rights!

Hand, knee, shoulder – wherever you prefer to roost, the “reserved” signs are already in place!

Happiest birthday & so much love to our flock’s favorite Tall Tree!

the large featherless / shell-less being
the Small Chef
the wild & woolly furred being, aka Flash Gordon

 Send the Tall Tree happy birthday wishes below! <3
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