Cockatiel with tortoise stuffed animals

Day 244: Cockatiel Meets His Inner Tortoise

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“Birds of a feather” and all that aside, when you live in an interspecies flock, it just makes sense to keep on good terms with your shelled flock mates.

After all, you may look really different on the outside, but on the inside you share an ancient and noble lineage right down to your DNA.

Sure, you clearly got the “good” DNA (the bits with all the feathers in them) but, strangely, they don’t seem to hold that against you.

Cockatiel with turtles
Strangely, your shelled flock mates don’t seem to mind not having feathers!

Their smooth shells and reliably slow pace make for excellent roosting as the mood strikes you.

And unlike your perpetually anxious (and, frankly, overly solicitous) large featherless assistant, they make for refreshingly chill company.

Cockatiel with tortoise stuffed animals
No paparazzi here….just a group of ancient relatives chilling.
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  1. Pearl looks like He is inspecting the the stuff turtle mates🐢inner species family is good in getting along & showing interest in each family member🌻🐾❣️

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