Day 25: The Vet

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If you have long wings, sharp claws, and an attractive pointed beak, you might consider yourself aesthetically blessed.

Oddly, the large featherless beings often appear to feel differently.

What this means is that, from time to time, you may find yourself in a small room on a metal table. Your adversary will likely be wearing a lab coat and protective glasses and be carrying an assortment of implements, including a clipper and an odd sort of rotating motorized nail file.

When this happens, you want to do your best to avoid allowing the lab-coated featherless being to apprehend you.

If you are caught, struggling mightily may mitigate some of the trimming, clipping, and filing activities. You can also try biting hard – this often works to at least give you a head start on your escape.

An experienced feathery escape artist maximizes his head start.
An experienced feathery escape artist maximizes his head start.
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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

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