Day 253: Cockatiel Is Born to Boogie

Cockatiel with radio

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Everyone knows that beings with feathers enjoy singing. It is a natural talent. You don’t even need accompaniment to sound good – heck, great!

When you sing softly you sound fabulous. When you sing loudly you sound even more fabulous.

Just one note from your cute curved cockatiel beak and all the large featherless beings in the near vicinity come running, keen to hear more.

With so much innate singing talent, it is little wonder many beings with feathers never find time to showcase a less-well-known but equally compelling talent – dancing!

It is true there are one or two feathered celebs who have been known to bust a move.

But if you have feathers and do decide to boogie, it can be a good safety measure to make sure your slavishly devoted large featherless VIP fans are sitting down.

Otherwise, all their fainting is near-guaranteed to interrupt the show.

Cockatiel next to radio
For safety (as well as overall theater ambience) reasons, it can be good to make sure your large featherless fan club is sitting down before the show starts.
Cockatiel and radio
You always want to strike a very cute pose just before showtime to weed out the “early fainters” (a technical term).
Cockatiel dancing to radio
Then you can quickly bust out the moves (here, singing along loudly can help drown out the “thuds” of more fainting fans).
Cockatiel with radio
Any fan who is still conscious at the show’s end gets another very cute pose as their reward.

What tune should Pearl groove to next? Do your feathers have any suggestions?

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