Day 259: Cockatiel Rules the Roost

Cockatiel roosting

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When you are born covered in feathers, “ruling the roost” is a pretty big deal.

In short, you want to be the one doing it.

There are many time-honored methods to accomplish this goal, but one of the finest is also the simplest. It is called “cuteness.”

When you are the cutest flock member, you don’t have to be at the top of the cockatiel flock (literally or figuratively) to rule the roost.

You just have to show up. “Cuteness” will do the rest.

Cockatiel roosting
Step 1: Show up. For extra credit, show up and then perch on the previous “flock alpha.” Like so.
Cockatiel roosting
Step 2: Keep sitting there. Look very cute.
Cockatiel roosting
Step 3: Close your eyes (while still looking very cute). Proceed to take a restful nap. This solidifies you as the official “roost ruler” (a technical term).

Based on these pics, who do you think our little flock’s official “roost ruler” is?

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2 thoughts on “Day 259: Cockatiel Rules the Roost

  1. Hello Pearl going every where you wish because you rule your home daily. Little Pearl for a big boss. Take Care Little Friend enjoy you day🐾💖🌻

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